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Air Quality continues to improve as communities comply with existing standards.

Ozone Concentration

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, January 8, 2013.

The current EPA standard for ozone is 75 parts
per billion (ppb). It was adopted in 2008 but EPA’s
implementation guidance for the 2008 rule has just
been released. Even so, air quality is improving.

Take a look at California. In 2008, 34 of the state’s
counties exceeded the 75 ppb standard, according to
EPA data. In 2014 the number of California counties
over the standard was just 20. We should let states
finish implementing the current standards before we
start proposing new ones.

As is clear on the map, about 40 percent of the
country’s population lives in areas that exceed the
75 ppb standard. As that standard is implemented,
through the adoption of emissions reduction plans in
the individual states, air quality will continue improving.