A State of Energy

Since statehood, Alaska has been
among America’s most important energy producing
states, showing what can be
achieved with foresight, determination
and innovation. Alaska demonstrates that
developing energy – to promote economic
growth and to improve the lives of people
– need not come at the expense of the
environment or other natural resources.
The Alaska experience also shows that
energy policy has an important bearing on
the trajectory of energy production.

As it did a quarter century ago, Alaska
today offers the U.S. an opportunity to
increase domestic oil supply. Harnessing
that opportunity in the 1970s helped
increase U.S. energy security. Today,
given estimates that the world’s energy
needs will keep rising well into the future,
the value of Alaskan energy could be
even greater than it was 25 years ago.
Unfortunately, largely because of federal
policies, this opportunity is not being
seized, but squandered.